American Space Capsules

Over the years, I have visited a number of air and space museums around the country. At some point, I decided to start taking my picture with famous NASA space capsules. What you see here is a chart of every single one I've visited to date, along with ones that I plan to visit. I've since expanded that list to include not just NASA projects, but all American launched manned spacecraft that still exist. I hope to one day have a photo with every single spacecraft on this list, all but one of which are located in the continental US. The only inactive one outside of the US is Apollo 10's capsule in the London Science Museum. A few are still active and in space, and some do move from museum to museum, so don't take this as up to date.

No.ImageDate of PhotoProjectVehicleLocationCityState
1 Mercury Freedom 7 2021MercuryFreedom 7Udvar-Hazy CenterChantillyVirginia
2  MercuryLiberty Bell 7CosmosphereHutchinsonKansas
3 Mercury Friendship 7 1995MercuryFriendship 7National Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDC
4 Mercury Aurora 7 2022MercuryAurora 7Museum of Science and IndustryChicagoIllinois
5  MercurySigma 7Astronaut Hall of FameMerritt IslandFlorida
6  MercuryFaith 7Space Center HoustonHoustonTexas
7  GeminiGemini III / Molly BrownGrissom Memorial, Spring Mill State ParkMitchellIndiana
8 Gemini IV 2013GeminiGemini IVNational Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDC
9  GeminiGemini VJohnson Space CenterHoustonTexas
10  GeminiGemini VIStafford Air & Space MuseumWeatherfordOklahoma
11 Gemini VII 2021GeminiGemini VIIUdvar-Hazy Center ChantillyVirginia
12 Gemini VIII 2022GeminiGemini VIIIArmstrong Air & Space MuseumWapakonetaOhio
13  GeminiGemini IXKennedy Space CenterMerritt IslandFlorida
14  GeminiGemini XCosmosphereHutchinsonKansas
15  GeminiGemini XICalifornia Museum of Science and IndustryLos AngelesCalifornia
16Gemini XII 2022GeminiGemini XIIAdler PlanetariumChicagoIllinois
17  ApolloApollo 7National Museum of Science and TechnologyDallasTexas
18Apollo 8 2022ApolloApollo 8Museum of Science and IndustryChicagoIllinois
19  ApolloApollo 9 / GumdropSan Diego Air and Space MuseumSan DiegoCalifornia
20  ApolloApollo 10 / Charlie BrownScience MuseumLondonEngland
21Apollo 11 2013ApolloApollo 11 / ColumbiaNational Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDC
22  ApolloApollo 12 / Yankee ClipperVirginia Air & Space CenterHamptonVirginia
23  ApolloApollo 13 / OdysseyCosmosphereHutchinsonKansas
24  ApolloApollo 14 / Kitty HawkKennedy Space CenterMerritt IslandFlorida
25Apollo 15 2022ApolloApollo 15 / EndeavourNational Museum of the USAFDaytonOhio
26  ApolloApollo 16 / CasperUS Space & Rocket CenterHuntsvilleAlabama
27  ApolloApollo 17 / AmericaSpace Center HoustonHoustonTexas
28  SkylabSkylab 2National Museum of Naval AviationPensacolaFlorida
29  SkylabSkylab 3Glenn Research Center Visitors CenterClevelandOhio
30Skylab 4 2013SkylabSkylab 4National Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDC
31  ASTPApollo-Soyuz Test ProjectCalifornia Science CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
32Space Shuttle Discovery 2021Space ShuttleOV-103 / DiscoveryUdvar-Hazy Center ChantillyVirginia
33  Space ShuttleOV-104 / AtlantisKennedy Space CenterMerritt IslandFlorida
34  Space ShuttleOV-105 / EndeavourCalifornia Science CenterLos AngelesCalifornia
35  SpaceShipOneSpaceShipOneNational Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDC
36  Crew DragonC206 / EndeavourIn service  
37  Crew DragonC207 / ResilienceIn service  
38  Crew DragonC210 / EnduranceIn service 
38  Crew DragonC212 / FreedomIn service 

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