Data General Nova Links & Resources

Ever since I got my Nova 1200 a few years ago, I've realized that online resources about the Nova lineage are few and far between. Here's an attempt gather up a handful of links and resources that I've found helpful through my repair process. If you have any suggestions to add (including personal projects involving Nova(s) you have), please feel free to email me with your links! Links are presented in no particular order.

QuantX's Data General Nova Software Development Kit on GitHub
QuantX's recreated and corrected Nova 1200 CPU Rev 2 schematics (pdf & KiCad formatted)
SimH (Emulator for many things, including the Nova)
Data General Software under the non-commercial Hobbyist License
Nova Stand-Alone Diagnostics Archive - Need diagnostic binaries? Start here. Nova Diagnostic Manuals
Novas Are Forever - Simulogics
Wild Hare Computer Systems Inc. - Bruce Ray's site
Nova Is 50 - Celebrating 50 years of Nova history - Nova 3 restoration
Portable PDP-8 and DG Nova Cross-Assembler
Nova IRIS Network
DataGeneral.UK - Nova, Eclipse, MV and AV preservation and restoration
Convergent MightFrame's Entrex 480 Restoration - Includes info on the Nova Core Replacement board for original Nova!
Decode Systems Nova 3 Data General PDF Archive Data General Software Archive Data General Utility Software Manuals Tech Reports
Marcel van Herk's presentation on restoring a Nova 1210 Data General Documents & Schematics Computer Collection (see section on Minis for Data General equipment)
Steve Toner's Nova 445 (Nova on a chip) homebrew
Microtech M1 Series: Understanding IRIS (a Nova Relative)
Computer History Museum's Nova SerNo. 1
System Source Computer Museum's Nova 2
fig-FORTH for the Nova
DCC-116 Gallery (Nova 1200 clone) -
D-116 Virtual Exhibit Video - VVCFMW 2020
Carl Friend's Minicomputer "Museum"
Carl Friend's Nova Instruction Set Summary
Strobe Data Inc. Hawk (Nova Replacement)
DigiBarn Nova Core Memory Details
RCS/RI Collection
Advertisement Archive (including DG stuff)
Assorted Nova Youtube Playlist
Forgotten Machines Nova Teardown Playlist

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