Here are a bunch of links I figure might be of interest.

6502 Projects of Note:
Christopher Bachman's Mini OSI-300 Replica
Grant Searle's Mininal 6502 Computer & Other Projects
Quinn Dunki's Veronica Homebrew 6502 Computer Portable 6502 Homebrew
The MOnSter 6502

Vintage Computer Federation, Festival East/West, & Forums
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest
CBMVIC.NET - The Commodore VIC-20 Registry

Zimmer's CBM Archive
Wilson Mines Co.
OSI-300 Replica Test Programs
Michael Holley's SWTPC Documentation
Dave's OSI Repository

Friends, Associates, and People With Cool Kits:
Retro Dreams - New Home of the Retrotech Crew

The Glitch Works
Bill Degnan's
Obsolescence Garunteed
Lee Hart's 6502 Badge & 1802 Membership Card
Corsham Technlogies
The Kenbak-1 by John Blankenbaker
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Steve Toner's Projects / STUPID Computer
Erik Klein's
Soykaf with dune
David Gesswein's
The Obscuritory
Cenbe's Commodore 64 Pages
The Chartreuse Kitsune
Mike Loewen's Old Technology Collection
Tangent Ideas
compu85's Under Construction!
Serenity Connection
Maggi's Project Page
jbevren's Random Adventures in Electronics
Mike Naberezny's Projects
Tech Tangents
Daniel Olewine's Projects
Sam's Tech Stuff
Magic-1 Homebrew CPU
Team Bad Idea

Fun stuff:
Homestar Runner
Evan Doorbell's Phone Trip Tapes
Diode Matrix ROM
Matthias Wandel's Electronics Projects
Cameron's World
AT&T Long Lines - Microwave & Coaxial Network of the Bell System
Vintage Technology Association - Electronics Museum

Flash Games Worth Wasting Time On:
Vector TD
Dirk Valentine
Miniclip Tetris
Peasant's Quest
Really any of the games on Homestar Runner

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