Here are a bunch of links I figure might be of interest.

6502 Projects of Note:

Christopher Bachman's Mini OSI-300 Replica

Grant Searle's Mininal 6502 Computer & Other Projects

Quinn Dunki's Veronica Homebrew 6502 Computer Portable 6502 Homebrew

The MOnSter 6502


Vintage Computer Federation, Festival East/West, & Forums

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest

Vintage Computer Festival Southwest

Vintage Computer Festival Southern California


Resources: archive

Wilson Mines Co.

OSI-300 Replica Test Programs

Michael Holley's SWTPC Documentation (Re-hosted on

Dave's OSI Repository

Mark's Ohio Scientific/Compukit UK101 Archive


SEBHC Wiki, Software, Utilities, etc.

Friends, Associates, and People With Cool Projects:

Retro Dreams - Home of the Retrotech Crew


Sam's Tech Stuff



Havard's Seven Sages Project

The Kenbak-1 by John Blankenbaker


TechAV's Projects

Steve Toner's Projects / STUPID Computer

Erik Klein's

Soykaf with dune

David Gesswein's

The Obscuritory

The Chartreuse Kitsune

Transistor Cafe - Vintage Wesbspace

Mike Loewen's Old Technology Collection

Tangent Ideas

compu85's Under Construction!

Serenity Connection

Maggi's Project Page

jbevren's Random Adventures in Electronics

Mike Naberezny's Projects

Tech Tangents

Daniel Olewine's Projects

Magic-1 Homebrew CPU

Team Waiting On Parts

Hellorld! on Usagi Electric's Centurion minicomputer and other machines

Galaksija Yugoslavian computer replica by Vlado Vince

Silent700's Home Page

Bill Degnan's


Altair 8800 clone running CP/M via telnet + webcam

Glen's Stuff - computer projects, pong, analog circuits, and other projects

CJ's Retro Zone

Personal Computing 1976 Show Photos

Byteshift Music (and retro computer projects)"

Bryan's Old Computers

Commodore Stuff:

Zimmer's CBM Archive

C64 Preservation Project - The Commodore 64 Registry

CBMVIC.NET - The Commodore VIC-20 Registry

VIC-20 Denial Forums / Sleeping Elephant

VIC-20 6560 Video Signal Information

Gabor Lenart's Commodore LCD Emulator

Cenbe's Commodore 64 Pages

Cool Kits:

Obsolescence Guaranteed

Lee Hart's 6502 Badge & 1802 Membership Card

Corsham Technlogies

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Telephone Things:

Evan Doorbell's Phone Trip Tapes

AT&T Long Lines - Microwave & Coaxial Network of the Bell System

Fun stuff:

Diode Matrix ROM

Matthias Wandel's Electronics Projects

Cameron's World

Vintage Technology Association - Electronics Museum

Relics of the Heroic Age of Manned Space Flight

Goleta Air and Space Museum

Brickshelf LEGO image galleries

Peeron LEGO inventories

Flash Games Worth Wasting Time On:

Vector TD

Dirk Valentine

Miniclip Tetris



Peasant's Quest

Really any of the games on Homestar Runner

Data General Nova Resources:

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