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W Series Combat Robots.

 About the W series
The W series combat robots are the second generation of robotic weapon platforms used by the C Quadrant Defenders. The intial design was derived from the V3 robot, which could attach two weapons on fixed hardpoints. The lower chassis was extended with larger power cells, and the center of gravity shifted rearward. The upper chassis was replaced with an anthropomorphic torso, attaching two arms to either side for far greater functionality than simply firing a weapon straight ahead. Weapons can be aimed in various directions or otherwise manipulated, and objects can be carried. Overall, this is the first step toward a more general purpose design of combat robot.

Three versions of the W series were built. The W1 was the initial production run, and it proved that the concept was viable. The W2 was intended to make improvements to the design, but was ultimately plagued with issues. Armor thickness was increased on the upper torso, and general stability was improved. However, the W2 never made it beyond a short production run for testing purposes, and only a few units ever saw combat after the problems were worked out. Many of those improvements would influence the W3, the third design in the series that resulted in a durable combat robot. The W3 kept the thicker armor plating on the upper torso, and introduced a pair of fixed forward-facing headlights on the lower chassis.

All three versions have a "head" containing a general purpose sensor package and cameras with a wide field of view. They also have a battery pack on the rear of the upper chassis, with a long range antenna for receiving commands from remote controllers, and reporting back what they see. While they had their design problems, the W series was a major improvement over the specialized dedicated weapon V series, influencing the CQD combat doctrine significantly through their success.

   A collection of W series combat robots: W1, W2, and two W3s

   Robots without their weapons.

   Side profiles.

   Rear view.

   The W1 design is the first, with the least amount of armor. The design is a direct evolution of the V3. This one carries a simple rifle.

   The W2 had a short production run, adding more armor to the base design and improving general functionality. This example of W2 Unit 3 is still painted as it was during testing, carrying a portable XIP cannon.

   The W3 was the true improvement of the design, the most common of the W series. This unit has been equipped with a portable gauss cannon, and adorned with the arrow motif.

   The rotary magnetic field generator is bulky, and has to be attached to the rear of the W3's arm for stability.

   Another W3, carrying a rotary magazine machine gun.

 Meta Description
The W series were the result of me taking a step back from an earlier bipedal design, wondering what a tiny treaded version might look like. Two of them were posted to MOCpages in March of 2007, with there not being a visible W2 model at the time. I rearranged some things and added another robot to the mix, and this is the result. The tread design is kind of unorthodox, turning a tire into a distorted tread.
General Characteristics
NameW Series
TypeCombat Robot
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament2 x Articulated hardpoints
PropulsionTwin treads

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