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Wolverine T Space Fighter (Original Version)

 About the Wolverine T
The Wolverine T is the heaviest attack variant of the Wolverine in service with the C Quadrant Defenders. This fighter-bomber takes the base design of the Wolverine, and bolts on about as much ordnance as the spaceframe can carry. Both of the internal combustion engines have been removed from the engine nacelles, with a pair of short ordnance racks extending from each nacelle (which are sometimes mistaken for wings). This means that the fighter has to rely solely on the thrust provided by the center atomic rocket engine, without the added benefit of airfoils for lift. Taking into account the additional weapons loadout, it makes this fighter one of the slowest Wolverine variants in service.

The T version maintains the original armament of four machine guns in the nose, but it brings far more than that to bear. Each engine nacelle has been reconfigured to hold a pair of XIP cannons, which can be fire linked. XIP cannons fire a Xenon-Infused Projectile, a small shell capable of detonating a bright flash of concentrated heat. While these aren't as powerful as a gauss cannon, they are certainly more powerful than standard machine guns would be. They also have the benefit of being used as flares in combat, illuminating targets for friendly forces to spot. Suspended underneath each ordnance rack are a pair of anti-armor torpedoes, from which the designation "T" comes from. These turn what would be a formidable fighter into a very hard hitting fighter-bomber. However, the Wolverine T is not the best choice of dogfighter, especially in atmospheric conditions (though it would do alright in space without the added weight of torpedoes). Other payloads have been known to be attached for different mission profiles as needed, including small multi-rocket packs and sensor arrays.

   The Wolverine T and pilot.

   The profile of the T is not exceptionally different from a standard model.

   The single atomic rocket engine combined with a heavy payload means this is one of the slowest Wolverine variants.

   Silhouette is pretty standard too.

   The engine nacelles have been marked with black and white CQD unit insignia, indicating that this is an attack variant.

   The vertical stabilizer isn't as tall.

   A normal payload includes four torpedoes, each tipped with armor smasher warheads.

   Without the torpedoes, the four XIP cannons still provide a significant punch.

   The engine nacelles have been gutted in order to house two XIP cannons each. The torpedo racks aren't really considered airfoils at this point, though they might look the part.

   The pilot stands atop his fighter, showing the storage compartment directly behind his cockpit, where he keeps his sidearm and cap.

   The cockpit is not exactly roomy, nor does it have the best visbility, but it is well armored.

   The pilot stands with his flight helmet, sidearm, and a common ordnance loadout.

 Meta Description
I posted the Wolverine T to MOCpages in July of 2008, as yet another in the series of Wolverine fighters. By this point, I felt more comfortable with adding more than a pittance of weapons to my creations, so I went all-out. Only a few parts compromises were made, like the T-tail having to be improvised from available materials. Realistically the torpedos probably would have the same paint scheme but I didn't feel like doing that. The red and white color scheme is probably one of my favorites for spaceships and this is no exception. The creation has since been refined, and can be seen here.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine T
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament4 x Machine guns
4 x XIP cannons
4 x Anti-armor torpedoes
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
Crew Compliment1

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