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Wolverine I Space Fighter

 About the Wolverine I
The Wolverine I is the dedicated interceptor variant of the C Quadrant Defenders' Wolverine series. This stripped-down spaceframe has been optimized for speed and maneuverability over endurance. Both of the engine nacelles have been removed, instead replaced with small wings for reduced drag, augmented by wingtip thrusters. The T-tail has also been replaced with a compact tail structure, shortening the fuselage slightly. Extending from the tail is a long range antenna intended to maintain communications hopefully even while being jammed, either to come to the aid of friendly vessels, or request its own reinforcements.

The armament has been improved over the base model, installing a pair of XIP cannons under the wings. XIP cannons fire a Xenon-Infused Projectile, a small shell capable of detonating a bright flash of concentrated heat. While these aren't as powerful as a gauss cannon, they are certainly more powerful than standard machine guns would be. They also have the benefit of being used as flares in combat, illuminating targets for friendly forces to spot.

The resulting Wolverine I is faster, more nimble, and more heavily armed for interdicting targets when compared the standard Wolverine. While it could be outrun by the pure speed-focused design of the Wolverine H, the Wolverine I has the advantage of both maneuverability and firepower.

   The Wolverine I and pilot.

   Sleek, nimble, and optimized for interception.

   Nose view, in the sights of two XIP cannons and four machine guns.

   The atomic rocket engine.

   The profile of the I is reduced compared to the stock model Wolverine.

   The spaceframe is not all that much smaller than the base model.

   The I's long range antenna.

   CQD insignia, with yellow interceptor colors and the common arrow motif.

   The tail is much smaller than that of Wolverines featuring the usual T-tail design.

   The underside, showing the compact XIP cannon design, thrusters, and engine.

   The cockpit follows the standard Wolverine design layout, meaning training for this variant takes very little time.

   Our pilot showing the contents of the storage compartment aft of the cockpit, including her sidearm and cap.

 Meta Description
The original version of this build was posted to MOCpages back in June of 2008. I decided to streamline the design, and clean up the angles on the tail structure, as well as shift the XIP cannons to under the wings. I also figured out a way to add in the storage compartment without having the precise piece I needed. It now feels like what I had in mind initially, a compact little interceptor, with unintentional MiG-21 vibes. The color scheme came out great -- sorta had Blacktron vibes.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine I
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament4 x Machine guns
2 x XIP Cannons
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
Crew Compliment1

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