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Wolverine H Space Fighter

 About the Wolverine H
The Wolverine H is an uncommon variant of the Wolverine space fighter deployed by the C Quadrant Defenders. Ostensibly an interceptor, the H variant gets its name from the pair of oversized "hyper" engines attached in place of the typical engine nacelles. Each hyper engine is specifically tuned for the spaceframe it's bolted to, resulting in a fighter that is optmized for speed above all else. In fact, the Wolverine H is the single fastest spaceship in service with the CQD. Unlike other Wolverine variants, this one never went beyond what was effectively a pre-production run of only a handful of units for testing. They would later see combat in deployments where rapid response was a crucial advantage. The dorsal storage compartment was double the size of a standard Wolverine to make room for various telemetry and data recording equipment during its testing phase. Following combat deployments, this gear was never removed, to allow for performance data to be analyzed later during maintenance for better engine tuning. The armament is the stock nose layout of four machine guns, with no space alloted for additional weapons.

   The Wolverine H and pilot.

   The H variant is uncommon, and is painted in the "experimental red" color scheme. The Wolverine I is a far more practical realization of a dedicated interceptor variant.

   The profile of the H is very compact, featuring a slightly wider horizontal stabilizer, but otherwise not far off from the baseline Wolverine silhouette.

   This is a very dangerous place to stand, arguably more than in front of the guns. The exhaust from all three engines is nothing to be trifled with.

   The side profile has a slightly longer tail boom than normal.

   The H is a no-frills space fighter.

   Each engine has been modified during testing to compensate for thrust variations and dial in the performance.

   The underside with the original atomic rocket engine.

   Standard cockpit.

   The starboard engine.

   The port engine.

   The canopy slides forward. Behind the cockpit is a storage compartment for the pilot, and an equipment bay for telemetering equipment from the Wolverine H's testing phase.

   The pilot with his sidearm and cap taking a break on one of the fastest fighters in the fleet.

 Meta Description
The color scheme and parts selection here is very much based upon available colors I got in a haul of older parts. Originally the wing was super wide with the engines way out at the ends, and it looked goofy. This is one of the few times where I didn't have to make any compromises on the color scheme, it was just perfect from the start. It's been sitting in a box, waiting for a better round of photographs to be taken since 2012.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine H
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament4 x Machine guns
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
2 x Hyper engines
Crew Compliment1

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