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Wolverine G Space Fighter (Original Version)

 About the Wolverine G
The Wolverine G is a variant of the Wolverine space fighter, one of the first production upgrades to the original in the C Quadrant Defenders' space fleet. Original Wolverines' firepower was considering wanting, only bringing four machine guns to bear. This resulted in a design specification 2674-G, calling for modification of some existing fighters to include a gauss cannon, called the Wolverine G.

However, this came at the cost of the internal combustion engines, requiring the fighter to rely entirely on its atomic rocket engine for propulsion. With the propellers and internal combustion engines gone, the engine nacelles were reconfigured with a pair of rotary magnetic field generators to power the gauss cannon. The RMFGs are positioned to allow for improved airflow in atmosphere, using the existing air scoops to direct additional air towards the generators for cooling.

The G variant grafts on a pair of variable dihedral wings for improved atmospheric performance, as well as additional efficiency to offset the lack of supplemental thrust from the propellers. The typical T-tail has been replaced with a twin tail for additional stability. To make room for the gauss cannon barrel, two of the machine guns in the nose have also been removed.

The resulting fighter sacrificed speed and agility for flight stabiity and the added firepower, and in doing so, it paved the way for later armament variations to follow for the Wolverine series.

   The Wolverine G and pilot.

   The silhouette of the G variant is notably different from other Wolverines, combining adjustable dihedral wings with a twin tail for extra atmospheric stability.

   The gauss cannon sticks out of the nose of the fighter between two machine guns. The cockpit provides extra large windows for improved visibility.

   The twin tail.

   Unlike most gauss cannon implementations, this one uses two large rotary magnetic field generators, each one enclosed within one of the former engine nacelles. Airflow is ducted around the RMFG to provide additional cooling in atmosphere.

   This Wolverine sports a green and black unit insignia. You can see the rocket engine under the fuselage.

 Meta Description
The Wolverine G was the second complete Wolverine fighter I built, the first being a modification of the original model. I felt like my work was considered under-gunned compared to my peers on MOCpages, so I starting thinking of how I could improve that. The parts limitations I was under at the time are really evident, resulting in a bit of color mismatch on details and awkward shape transitions. I posted it to MOCpages in June 2007. A new revision of the Wolverine G has since cleaned up alot of the parts of this version that bothered me.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine G
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament2 x Machine guns
1 x Gauss cannon
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
Crew Compliment1

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