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Wolverine G Space Fighter

 About the Wolverine G
The Wolverine G is a variant of the Wolverine space fighter, one of the first upgraded models to enter production in the C Quadrant Defenders' space fleet. Original Wolverines' firepower was considered to lack sufficient punch, only bringing four machine guns to bear. This resulted in design specificiation 2674-G, calling for the modification of some existing fighters to include a pair of gauss cannons, to be designated Wolverine G.

This design change came at the cost of the internal combustion engines and propellers, requiring the fighter to rely entirely on its atomic rocket engine for propulsion. With the supplemental thrust of the propellers gone, the engine nacelles were reconfigured to carry a pair of rotary magnetic field generators to power the new gauss cannons. The RMFGs are positioned to provide improved airflow during atmospheric flight, combining the existing air intakes with additional air scoops to cool the generators. Each gauss cannon is connected to its respective RMFG by way of a ferrite slurry hose.

A bit about gauss weaponry:
A gauss cannon works on the concept of projecting a magnetic beam towards a ferrous target. Magnetic flux is first concentrated using a rotary magnetic field generator. It is then carried in ferrite slurry through ductwork towards a discharge coil, which concentrates and directs the magnetic flux. The discharge coil is located at the breech end of the cannon, using the shape of the barrel to further guide the flux beam towards the target. The result is a focused magnetic force capable of warping and weakening metal, as well as disrupting electrical flow within targets.

The Wolverine G variant's airfoil returns to form, using the tranditional wing design to offset the lack of thrust that the propeller engines would have provided in atmospheric conditions. The typical T-tail has also been replaced with a twin tail for additional stability. The resulting fighter sacrifices some speed and agility in flight (particularly when not in a vacuum) for the benefit of extra firepower against hard targets. The Wolverine G found its role among the figher corps, paving the way for later armament variations to follow.

   The Wolverine G and pilot.

   The design of the G variant is a mix of compromises between firepower, thrust, and maneuverability.

   From the front, the silhouette's is notably different from a stock Wolverine.

   The twin tail is the biggest difference, seeing as most Wolverines use a T-tail. The engine nacelles also diverge from the base model.

   The Wolverine G's profile isn't as sleek without the T-tail.

   The pilot's field of view is slightly reduced compared to the base model Wolverine.

   A wide wingspan with plenty of lift, and a pair of pronounced gauss cannons under each wing.

   The cannopy slid forward to show the pilot in his cockpit.

   Each rotary magnetic field generator feeds one of the gauss cannons by way of a ferrite slurry hose.

   The propeller engine nacelles provided a great place to mount the RMFGs and associated equipment. Additional air scoops supplement the existing air intakes on the nacelles to provide better cooling for the generators during atmospheric flight.

   The green and grey unit insignia is only found on the G variant.

   The sole atomic rocket engine provides adequate thrust, but this is still one of the slowest Wolverine types in service. These gauss cannons lack the typical dome-shaped discharge coil, but have to be longer to compensate for the non-standard geometry.

   The storage compartment behind the cockpit contains the pilot's sidearm and cap.

 Meta Description
The Wolverine G was the second complete Wolverine fighter I built, posted to MOCpages in June 2007. The version that you see here was rebuilt in early 2023, adjusting many of the proportions of the original, and correcting the color and shape to match my current design sensibilities. I didn't like the proboscus of a cannon on the original version, so I opted for two cannons this time. The X wings felt overdone, so those had to go too. Instead, I gave this one a rather traditional wide wing, hopefully better integrated into the engine nacelles. The gauss generators and nacelles went through a slew of variations before I was happy with it, and now it looks sufficiently beefy. So much of the color scheme had to be cleaned up, and this was generally impeded by a distinct lack of green bricks in my collection. It feels more like that first step forward from the original Wolverine than the old one ever did.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine G
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament4 x Machine guns
2 x Gauss cannons
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
Crew Compliment1

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