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Wolverine CR Space Fighter (Original Version)

 About the Wolverine CR
The Wolverine CR is one of a few custom refits of the C Quadrant Defenders' space superiority fighter, the Wolverine. Commander Sam Kell was a veteran of the fighter corps, and he recognized shortcomings of the Wolverine in combat service. Design choices that had hampered the original version needed to be rectified, and he took it upon himself to help test those improvements on his personal fighter. Commander Kell's two main sticking points were the removal of the wings and the lack of firepower, but he'd make other tweaks for practicality as well.

The initial change was to add in a pair of variable dihedral wings to provide lift during atmospheric operations. These, when combined with the flat-eight internal combusion engines and three-blade propellers would allow the Wolverine CR to fly without the aid of its main engine, given sufficiently dense atmosphere. A small thruster was attached to the tip of each wing to improve maneuverability in a vacuum. The main thrust would stll be provided by a central atomic rocket engine for exo-atmospheric missions, and at combat speeds in atmosphere.

The four machine guns in the nose were considered sufficient for air-to-air combat with comparable fighters or for strafing, but not much else. A small weapons bay was installed in place of the pilot's storage compartment, along with a pair of neutron wave rockets, sometimes referred to as "pulsars". These weapons fire a disk-shaped wave of neutrons that bombard enemy ships and tear them to pieces -- a powerful but imprecise weapon. The implementation of these neutron wave rockets ultimately would be limited only to this custom refit. A new double-length storage compartment was installed behind the weapon's bay to accomodate some of the equipment that Commander Kell liked to carry with him. The cockpit was redesigned for better visbility, adjusting the proportions for the benefit of pilot comfort in the process.

The CR proved that modifications to the existing Wolverine could be made to improve survivability and quality of life for their pilots. It also paved the way for a plethora of other variants to be built over time in a number of specialty roles. Commander Kell continued to fly this custom refit even after it had been superceded by more optimized Wolverines.

   The Wolverine CR and its pilot, Commander Sam Kell. The wings are extended.

   The wings folded in for landing.

   The atomic rocket engine, the main source of propulsion.

   The cockpit has been improved over the base model, allowing more room for the pilot, as well as better visibility.

   Each of the four wings has a small thruster attached to it for improved maneuverability. The CQD insignia has been painted on the wing in Commander Kell's personal colors.

   The original storage compartment has been repurposed into a launch bay for a pair of neutron wave rockets. Unlike many other Wolverine variants, the CR retains the internal combustion engines.

   With the original storage compartment no longer available, another larger compartment was installed.

   Commander Kell with his armor, cap, and sidearms. He keeps a rifle and two pistols stored on his custom refit fighter.

 Meta Description
I had made a few modifications to the Wolverine since it was first built around 2002, but this was the big change. I finally added wings, possibly as early as 2006. I think they were pulled from a previous red X-wing-like fighter I had built, which I scrapped some time around then. I ditched the landing gear entirely, figuring "it can land on its belly." The propeller engines were tool cool to remove, so they stayed. The color scheme went from red to black to make the parts look more evenly matched. The rear passenger compartment was pulled, and the cockpit was reshaped to be more sane. The wing mounts were kinda flimsy, but I didn't mind. I think this was posted to MOCpages in June of 2007. What you're looking at is the same model as the original Wolverine which would get a temporary revision and redress seen here, but it uses most of the same bricks underneath.
General Characteristics
NameWolverine CR
TypeSpace Fighter
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament4 x Machine guns
2 x Neutron wave rockets
Propulsion1 x Atomic rocket
2 x Propeller engines
Crew Compliment1

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