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V Series Combat Robots

 About the V series
The V series combat robots are the first dedicated semi-autonomous weapon platforms used by the C Quadrant Defenders. Three variants were built initially, armed with a few commonly fielded weapons in compact forms, mounted on top of a small treaded chassis. They needed to be fast enough to keep up with troops on the ground, small enough to be transported with other equipment, and durable enough to withstand rough terrain.

The V1 was first, carrying eight small rockets. Next was the V2, carrying the most compact gauss cannon in service with the CQD. Finally, the V3 is an early attempt at a multi-function weapons platform, having no fixed weapons. Instead, the V3 has a general purpose binocular vision and ranging system, as well as a pair of hardpoints for everything from infantry weapons to small emplaced weapons. The benefit is that it can be modified in the field with minimal tools, with the downside of a fixed line of fire for that weapon, and limited traversal. Each one also carries a long range antenna for receiving commands from remote controllers and sending back positional data.

The V series would later be superseded by the W series, although many V series would continue to remain in service.

   A fully-armed V1 combat robot.

   Eight small rockets on a platform.

   The treads of the V1 allow it to handle most any terrain.

   However, the sensor package is incredibly limited besides basic positioning data, so targetting is left as an excercise for the operator.

   A long range antenna provides remote control even at extreme ranges.

   The chassis, separated from the upper weapons platform.

   V2, prepped and ready for combat.

   This is the most compact gauss cannon currently used by the CQD.

   The center of mass is well balanced on the treads, with the long range antenna right in the middle.

   Here we see the rotary magnetic field generator with a bit of protective armor.

   The gauss cannon itself, with a very short hose hose length between the discharge coils and the RMFG.

   The treaded chassis, without the weapon platorm on top.

   A V3 combat robot, more of a weapons platform than a weapon on treads.

   This V3 is carrying a drum-fed rifle.

   The antenna is a staple of the entire V series, ensuring signal integrity in the field.

   The V3 can mount up to two weapons, but cannot aim them independantly.

   The crude binocular vision and ranging system has its limitations, but it means that if a trigger can controlled by the V3, then a weapon doesn't need its own sensors.

   The chassis, rifle, and weapons platform.

 Meta Description
The V series was my attempt to work backwards to show the ancestor of the W, Y, and Z series robots. These are aguably the simplest of the combat robots I built, with the fewest moving parts. They also make the most logical sense out of all of them in some ways, if you approach from a real world perspective. All three were posted to MOCpages in September of 2007, although each one had its own page at the time.
General Characteristics
NameV Series
TypeCombat Robot
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament8 x Rockets (V1)
1 x Gauss cannon (V2)
2 x Fixed hardpoints (V3)
PropulsionTwin treads

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