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Robot Repair Vignette

 About the vignette
Let's take a moment to look in on Millie in the workshop, where a Y1 series combat robot is in need of her expertise...

   Millie the robot technician working hard to repair a Y1.

   Y1 unit 57 incurred some damage in a battle, and needs the armor panels opened up for servicing.

   She loves her work.

   This workshop is a bit of a mess...

   Cabinets full of tools, fire extinguisher, computer terminal.

   She'll have unit 57 fixed up in no time.

 Meta Description
Vignettes are a fun little building exercise to create a scene that fits within the confines of an 8x8 space, and the sky's the limit. I wanted to put together another Y series robot, and a little workshop with a checkered floor seemed like a great stage to set. The only thing that has changed since this was built back in 2011 or so is the head and hair selected for Millie. Minifig expressions and details have improved dramatically in the past decade, so I took full advantage of available parts to make her more expressive.

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