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Vector Gauss Tank

 About the Vector
The Vector gauss tank is an armored fighting vehicle used for ground-based fire support for the C Quadrant Defenders. A more conventional predecessor to the Titan mechanized walker, the Vector sports two gauss cannons with independant elevation control on a single unmanned turret. It traverses using a six wheel drivetrain powered by a pair of V4 engines. The crew of three sit within the hull of the vehicle: pilot in front, gunner in the back, and a support gunner in a passenger role most of the time. During combat, the support gunner has the option to pop open a roof hatch and fire outward with an infantry weapon.

A bit about gauss weaponry:
A gauss cannon works on the concept of projecting a magnetic beam towards a ferrous target. Magnetic flux is first concentrated using a rotary magnetic field generator. It is then carried in ferrite slurry through ductwork towards a discharge coil, which concentrates and directs the magnetic flux. The discharge coil is located at the breech end of the cannon, using the shape of the barrel to further guide the flux beam towards the target. The result is a focused magnetic force capable of warping and weakening metal, as well as disrupting electrical flow within targets.

The Vector is mostly relegated to second line roles and fire support, as it isn't concidered durable enough for being a frontline unit. The nature of gauss cannons make them incapable indirect fire, as they do not fire in an arc. Thus, they've been primarily supplanted by other ground vehicles where possible.

   The Vector gauss tank.

   An imposing monolith of a 6x6 vehicle.

   The Vector's main guns, twin gauss cannons.

   Both cannons are able to elevate independantly. The pivot point is on the discharge coil.

   The rotary magnetic field generators are located up top, with ferrite slurry hoses looping around back.

   Only a small driver window is exposed.

   The driver has the ability to open a hatch for better visibility and egress.

   The support gunner also has a hatch to exit from.

   From inside, the crew can be seen at their stations.

   The drive sits up front, the gunner in the rear, and the support gunner along the side when not looking out from the roof.

   The twin V4 engines that power the vehicle.

   A better view of the interior.

 Meta Description
This tank isn't a very good tank. However, it was one of the first that I made that looked like more of a tank. The design it replaced was more of a generic tank with rocket engines on the side. Really, it's an AFV of some kind, but it doesn't have an anti-infantry weapon. The Vector holds aplace of significance, as it is where I started to really solidify the look of gauss weaponry in the universe. It was posted to MOCpages in March of 2007.
General Characteristics
Type6x6 Armored Fighting Vehicle
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament2 x Gauss cannons
Propulsion2 x V4 engines, 6 wheel drive
Crew Compliment3

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