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Titan Mechanized Walker

 About the Titan
The Titan is a mechanized combat walker, serving as the main source of ground-based heavy firepower for the C Quadrant Defenders. It's a 3 story tall walker, featuring an offset heavy gauss cannon, with a bore large enough to qualify for capital ship usage, and a crew of two. Two legs provide three points of articulation, with a pivot point at the top to provide more efficient forward movement, atop which the hull is fixed. On the right side is the large-bore gauss cannon, with hoses leading to rotary magnetic field generators on the back of the hull. Opposite of the weapon is a reserve drum of ferrite slurry. The crew of two are situated with the pilot at the front of the cockpit with a forward facing viewport, and the commander sitting in the raised rear seat. The Titan's commander position has very little visbility through the forward viewport, instead requiring the use of special goggles to turn the inner canopy into an augmented battlefield display. However, the canopy can be opened to provide the commander with a direct (albeit unprotected) view of their surroundings.

A bit about gauss weaponry:
A gauss cannon works on the concept of projecting a magnetic beam towards a ferrous target. Magnetic flux is first concentrated using a rotary magnetic field generator. It is then carried in ferrite slurry through ductwork towards a discharge coil, which concentrates and directs the magnetic flux. The discharge coil is located at the breech end of the cannon, using the shape of the barrel to further guide the flux beam towards the target. The result is a focused magnetic force capable of warping and weakening metal, as well as disrupting electrical flow within targets.

   The Titan mechanized walker, ready for combat.

   The Titan and her crew of 2: commander and pilot.

   The pilot has excellent forward visibility, but not much of a lateral viewing angle. Staring down the barrel of a large-bore gauss cannon is not something I suggest for anyone wearing metal jewelry.

   The massive guass cannon is bolted onto the right side of the chassis. The yellow dome at the breech of the barrel is the discharge coil. The twin hoses supply ferrite slurry from the rotary magnetic field generators slung on the back of the hull.

   The dual rotary magnetic field generators, which power the weapon are kept out of harms way back here. Minimal tool storage is found in the container above.

   The unit insignia of a target is quite apt, as a tall mech like the Titan is an easy target on the battlefield.

   Left foot forward.

   Right foot forward. It is a walker, after all.

   A better profile of the large-bore gauss cannon. It's a heavy hitter for CQD ground operations.

   Ferrite slurry pressure can be monitored during maintenance from the dials on the back of the gauss cannon. Those hoses are key to powering the weapon.

   An ample reserve of ferrite slurry is kept in a drum on the opposite side of the hull, as it does 'burn off' sometimes during rapid salvos of a cannon this large.

   4th ground detachment is quite proud of thier big red and black war machines.

   The Titan's commander needs to wear special goggles turn the otherwise opaque canopy into a battlefield heads-up-display to plan his next move.

   The pilot's controls up front, and the raised commander station in the back.

 Meta Description
If it wasn't obvious before that I played Command & Conquer, it should be now. C&C: Tiberian Sun's Titan was a great inspiration, but let's not discount the design of the Titan Mk II from Tiberium Wars. The color scheme and overall part styling of my Titan is very much influenced by early 90s part availability, due to a late 2008 haul of parts that let me do some cool things. The controls in the cockpit and the uniform style are some of my favorite details on this one. I also really don't find the same enjoyment of the chicken walker style as others, so this is considered "backwards" by some. This was one of the last new creations I posted on MOCpages in May 2009.
General Characteristics
TypeCombat Walker
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament1 x large-bore gauss cannon
PropulsionBipedal locomotor mechanism
Crew Compliment2

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