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Neutron Ray Turret

 About the Neutron Ray Turret
The C Quadrant Defenders employ a number of defensive emplacement technologies, one of the most powerful being the neutron ray. This weapon allows a single user to defend a large area against slower, heavier targets, primarily airborne ones. It is not well suited for ground targets or particularly nimble airborn targets. This weapon fires a concentrated beam of neutrons, magnetically repelled from a central source. Three sequencer discs build up the neutrons, after which a large capacitor on the back discharges to force the neutrons outward through an emitter cone towards the target. The resulting beam of neutrons is very powerful.

   The neutron ray turret and operator.

   The perspective typically seen from a potential target.

   Operators report it's very easy to control.

   On the left is the capacitor, the three sequencer discs in the middle, and the emitter cones on the right.

   The rear of the turret.

   Extreme elevations are possible. The turret comes equipped with its own antenna.

   The neutron ray separated from the turret base.

   Operator in the seat, with a headrest to support even the most extreme angles.

   The controls are pretty easy to master.

 Meta Description
This is one of those times that I just wanted to showcase a weapons technology because it was fun. I was playing with using clips to hold pieces vertically, resulting in the gunner's sights attached to the chair. It was posted to MOCpages in March of 2008.
General Characteristics
NameNeutron Ray Turret
TypeGround Defence
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament1 x Neutron ray
Crew Compliment1

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