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Maverick Class Scout Vessel (Original Version)

 About the Maverick Class
The Maverick is the primary scout ship for the C Quadrant Defenders. It is a lightly armed, two-deck vessel with a crew of three, designed to patrol a sector and provide basic reconnaissance. While the Maverick is not especially well armed, it does make up for it by having an oversized sensor array for its relatively small displacement. The bridge of the ship has a suite of consoles and recording equipment to record sensor data and parse it for retransmission back to command groups. There is a generally lopsided shape of the Maverick, saving as much weight as possible by keeping the lower deck only just big enough for the engine reactor and access ladder. The lower deck is also isolated from the upper deck by a central hatch, allowing the engineer to seal off the space and use it as an airlock, exiting through the forward facing hatch for in-flight repairs. The mission role of the Maverick was expected to be short duration recon excursions and speed, resulting in a distinct lack of amenities for the crew, along with other weight-saving measures.

The Maverick was later refit with a pair of gauss cannons replacing the double barrel machine gun turret as the primary armament. The refit version was known as the Maverick-G. The turret was moved to the rear of the vessel, displacing the sensor array to the top center of the hull. To better facilitate the use of the turret in a defensive role, the engineer was given a rear facing control station with an added window. For lateral visibility, the upper deck was shortened slightly, to put the engineer-turned-gunner a view through the emergency rescue hatch windows. The color scheme was changed from black with red striping to blue striping to allow differentiate the variants from a distance.

   The Maverick scout vessel and her crew of three: navigator, pilot, and engineer

   The rear of the vessel, showing the single engine in the lower section, and the back of the sensor suite. The grey side doors are for engine maintenace.

   The bridge of the Maverick allows the pilot and navigator a reasonable field of view without compromising armor protection. The crew is able to direct the roof-mounted double barrel machine gun turret with ease.

   The rear engineering station is rather sparse, but at least he has a cup of coffee.

   The bridge follows the standard layout for CQD vessels: pilot on the left, navigator on the right. The center console contains the radar and communications equipment.

   The main reactor that powers the engine is a compact unit, and quite robust, as seen to scale with the engineer.

   The top of the ship shows the turret and sensor suite, as well as the emergency rescue hatch. The sensor array is rather large for the relatively small size of the Maverick.

   Here we see the lower deck of the ship, including the engine and front hatch. The central ladder leads up to another hatch, turning this deck into an airlock for the engineer to use for external repair work.

   From above, you can see the rear control consoles of the bridge, extensive sensor controls, the emergency rescue hatch, and the hatch to the lower deck. Due to its short range, there are no crew amenities on board.

   The Maverick design was later refit to compensate for the growing threats within the C Quadrant. Dual gauss cannons were fitted under the chin of the ship, sensors were moved forward, and the turret moved to the rear.

   The engineering station was repurposed into a turret, allowing the emergency rescue windows to aid visbility, and the hull was shortened. The red striping was updated to blue to allow ease of identification

   Here the gunnery station can be seen, along with the rear turret.

   Firepower improvemed significantly with the introduction of twin guass cannons. Rotary magnetic field generators (left) feed the discharge coil in the center, and the energy beam is guided by the barrel.

   Turret controls and the heads up display provide an intuitive interface for the operator.

   The more centrally mounted sensor dish no longer has to contend with interference from the turret during combat. The CQD unit insignia is now included on top of the hull.

 Meta Description
This was posted in late February 2006 to MOCpages, and the refit version in June 2007. My creations appeared to lack overt firepower compared to those of my peers on MOCpages, so I decided to tweak my older models. Considering how under-gunned the original Maverick felt, the G version seemed like a reasonable step forward. This ship was my second large single-color design, intended to experiment with multi-deck vessels. However, I decided to keep it rather small in size and part count. The lower deck ended up being kinda janky and superfluous, as did the engineer in the back. Post-refit, the proportions felt lopsided and front heavy, and it never had the same playability as the Odyssey due to the sparse interior. Still, I like it for its goofiness.

This ship was later revised again in early 2023 and can be seen here.
General Characteristics
TypeScout Vessel
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament1 x Twin barrel machine gun turret
2 x Gauss cannon (Maverick-G Refit)
PropulsionSingle-stage atomic reactor
Crew Compliment3

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