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Maverick Class Scout

 About the Maverick Class
The Maverick class is the primary scout vessel for the C Quadrant Defenders. It is a reasonably armed, two-deck vessel with a crew of two, designed to patrol a sector and provide reconnaissance. While the Maverick is not especially well armed for assault, it is an essential part of CQD space fleet operations, boasting the most sophisticated mobile sensor platform of any class of vessel. A large mast on the aft of the ship is covered with a suite of sensors, antennas, and electronic intelligence gathering equipment. The armament consists of a twin barrel machine gun turret for faster targets, and a pair of anti-armor torpedoes for slower, more heavily armored targets. Crews are not encouraged to start a fight with such limited weaspons, but they have enough firepower to handle smaller threats or delay bigger threats until help arrives.

The bridge of the ship allows the pilot and navigator to contol their complex sensor platform, then process and relay important information using long range transmission equipment back to local command groups. The rest of the interior is very sparse to save weight, leaving room for not much else save for the engines. Two atomic reactors are linked together to provide redundant and efficient propulsion with more than respectable speed for a ship of this size. On either side of the lower reactor are a pair of fuel tanks, extending in blisters on either side of the hull. The common mission profile for the Maverick class is short duration reconnaissance, resulting in a particularly limited set of crew amenities.

With these specialties in mind, the Maverick class serves as the eyes and ears of the C Quadrant Defenders in space, providing communications and scouting reports, while being able to strike first when push comes to shove.

   The Maverick scout vessel and crew of two: navigator and pilot

   The Maverick is not the largest ship class in the fleet, but it does certainly have an oddly shaped hull.

   Taller than it is wide.

   And taller than it is long.

   But still not especially big, minus the antennas.

   Featuring more windows than many other combat vessels.

   The roof features a twin barrel machine gun turret for defence, and CQD insignia indicating a scout vessel.

   The turret has a decent range of fire, and is supplemented by an offensive armament of two anti-armor torpedoes on either side of the hull.

   However the real armament of the ship is it's mix of sensors, antennas, and other electronics intelligence gathering equipment.

   Antennas include directional finding gear, radar in various frequency bands, and generalize communications equipment of every type imaginable, most of which are mounted to a large mast.

   The antennas are located at the rear of the ship.

   Two slightly offset atomic reactors extend through the rear of the ship.

   An emergency rescue hatch is located on the rear of the upper deck, sometimes used as a method of climbing on top of the hull.

   Just inside of the emergency rescue hatch is the atomic reactor on the upper deck. The two reactors are tied together to improve efficiency, but only one reactor is needed to propel the ship.

   Inside from the upper deck, the reactor is to the left, the access ladder to the lower deck in the middle, and the bridge to the right.

   The bridge features a layout patterned after the successful bridge design seen on the Odyssey Class Science Vessel, with the pilot on the left, and navigator on the right.

   Without a captain's chair, many aspects have been adjusted for the crew of two, including radar, communications, and additional sensor controls on the center console.

   Behind their chairs are equipment storage bins, and the crew's sidearms. Let's head down to the lower deck.

   The lower deck features the second atomic reactor and additional ship systems.

   Most of this reactor extends behind the rear bulkhead of the ship, with two fuel tanks saddled on either side of the engine.

   The main hatch is located on the lower deck, however there is no airlock, nor are there pressure suits aboard.

   While on the ground, the front hatch provides easy egress.

   The torpedoes are being inspected during rearming. A set of binoculars is provided to supplement the sensors on board.

   Fast, reasonably well armed, and with more antennas than ships four times as big.

   Machine guns, torpedoes, and a slew of antennas.

 Meta Description
The original version of the Maverick was posted in late February 2006 to MOCpages. The ship was my second large single-color design, intended to experiment with multi-deck vessels. However, I decided to keep it rather small in size and part count, and the result was a rather bland ship. A refit version was built and posted in June of 2007, and while it improved firepower, it was lopsided.

Moving onto this revision, I decided to really improve the internal details and ditch the superfluous third crewman. Many aspects of the original shape were restored, although a number of experimental geometries were tested, none of which made alot of sense. I decided to turn up the detail on the sensor platform and really focus on what this ship was supposed to be doing: scouting. The bridge controls were streamlined, and the reactor greebles were improved. The resulting ship really feels like an improvement over the original, while retaining the shapes and vibe that inspired the original.
General Characteristics
NameMaverick Class
TypeScout Vessel
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament1 x Twin barrel machine gun turret
2 x Anti-armor torpedoes
Propulsion2 x Atomic reactors
Crew Compliment2

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