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The Lynx: Custom Courier

 About the Lynx
The Lynx is an illegally modified civilian courier ship, property of a man known only by his codename of "Thor". Thor is a mercenary occasionally hired by the C Quadrant Defenders when the need arises, commonly dressed in a black hat and cloak. His ship is not as nimble or small silhouetted as a Wolverine fighter, however that is partially owed to the larger internal volume required for the courier work the hull was initially designed for. In exchange for the larger profile, it carries significantly more armament than vessels twice its size, including:
  • Quad machine guns
  • Gauss cannon
  • Neutron ray
  • Thor's Hammer
There is no concrete knowledge of the weapon called the "Thor's Hammer" within CQD database records, but there is speculation that it's an anti-capital ship cannon. How Thor gets a pass on these weapons is also not on record, but nobody really questions it. The rest of the ship is equipped with a few comforts for longer space flights, but curiously no sleeping accomodations. The cabin has a record player, computer terminal, and water kettle, plus space for a Type C robot kept for maintenance. Other equipment stored on board include a helmet with augmented vision and a submachine gun.

   The Lynx, the mercenary known only as Thor, and his Type C robot.

   The business end of the Lynx.

   The Lynx is quite a bit bulkier than a fighter.

   The engines of the Lynx run almost the entire length of the hull.

   The wings contain the fuel tanks, the left wing marked with CQD insignia (probably to get past checkpoints).

   The rather blunt nose of the ship contains four machine guns.

   The back of the Lynx, featuring the wide-set rocket engines and dihedral vertical stabilizers.

   To the right, you can see the rotary magnetic field generator and hose leading to the underside of the vessel.

   While many angles of the Lynx are rather blunt, it's all for the sake of a compact design with a surprisingly large interior space.

   The underside of the Lynx is bristling with weapons: a gauss cannon, a neutron ray, and a unqiue weapon called Thor's Hammer.

   Thor's Type C robot assists in maintenance of this ship's unique geometry.

   "Step into my office"

   While it isn't the largest interior, there is room for a few necessities, including a record player, computer terminal, and water kettle.

   The pilot's seat, with an extensive array of controls, including a HUD at the forefront for ease of targetting. Thor's weapon of choice is always within arms reach.

   Thor at the helm, with his robot sitting in the back.

   The gauss cannon is a common weapon for ship to ship combat (Thor for scale).

   The Lynx's ace in the hole is Thor's Hammer, the exact properties and functionality of which are unknown.

   Finally, the neutron ray, a powerful anti-ship weapon that is not commonly seen in such a compact form factor.

 Meta Description
The Lynx might be one of the few cases where I designed a ship on paper first, and then built the ship to that spec within short order. You can see the direct influences from Samus's starship from Metroid II: Return of Samus and Super Metroid, as well as the Weasel from Subspace Continuum. I think I had the minifigure built for Thor years before I actually built this ship, and posted it to MOCpages in December 2007. I believe this might have been the first creation I photographed with my own DSLR. This ship is kind of a departure from my own rules of style in that I made it armed to the teeth, rather than modestly armed like most everything else I make. The weapon name, of "Thor's Hammer" came from the eponymous special weapon in Continuum with the unique property to phase through barriers, at the expense of only carrying 3 salvos at a time. The mercenary's codename "Thor" was derived from the weapon, rather than the other way around. Unfortuantely, a few years after I picked that name, a certain movie character would lead some to assume I shamelessly ripped it from that, rather than stealing it from the 1996 video game weapon.
General Characteristics
TypeCustom courier ship
AffliationThor, Private Mercenary
Armament4 x Machine guns
1 x Gauss cannon
1 x Neutron ray
1 x Thor's Hammer
Propulsion2 x Atomic rockets
Crew Compliment1 + Type C robot

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