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Axon Hotep Class Repair Frigate

 About the Hotep Class
The Axon empire has been seen fielding a repair frigate known as the Hotep Class. This vessel type is not a frontline combat unit, but rather a supplementary support ship to small or large detachements, occasionally operating independantly from a task force. The Hotep class features four turrets, minimal armor, a capable sensor suite, and the tools to analyze and repair other ships in the field. The long hull has a large engineering section with what we have assessed to be an excess of plasma reactor power for the engine type installed. We assume that this is intended to provide power to on-board repair facilities and possibly supply power to other ships. It also features a pair of small hangers for receiving smaller vessels, and carrying what we can only assume are smaller ships to perform repair work, and spare parts.

One point of contention in our assessment of the vessel is the exact purpose of the starboard bow protrusion. One theory is that it's a complex directional antenna and sensor mast. The other is that it is an end effector, used to manipulate larger pieces of vessels, and directly performs repairs. A few have even insisted that it serves both of these purposes.

Pilots encountering these vessels are advised to stay behind or below the Hotep class repair frigates if forced to engage, and to avoid a broadside to minimize damage.

   The Hotep class repair frigate.

   This frigate has a respectable armament of four turrets with an impressive broadside.

   The main engines.

   The central hangers for repairing smaller ships, flanked by defensive turrets.

   Hanger space is limited, but that's because this isn't a carrier.

   The forward pair of turrets are the primary attack armament. The central radome helps guide the Hotep class in close, and stay aware of its surroundings.

   The bridge and forward sensor arrays for analyzing friendly ships that need repair.

   More of the forward sensors.

   Hotep's are not intended to be sent into frontline combat.

   The forward firing arc is rather limited as a result.

   In a broadside, the Hotep can defend itself staunchly.

   The safest place around a Hotep is behind and below it, always avoid the broadside.

 Meta Description
This is one of my few attempts to work in what the community sometimes refers to as "microscale", referring to creations smaller scale than a minifigure. It was a fun build from some time around Summer 2008 with little regard for practicality or design justification.
General Characteristics
NameHotep Class
TypeRepair Frigate
AffliationAxon Empire
Armament1 x Twin barrel point-defence plasma repeater turret
1 x Twin barrel plasma cannon turret
2 x Single barrel plasma cannon turret
PropulsionPlasma reactor, output unknown
Crew ComplimentUnknown

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