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Creathnach Ktirio Base

 About Creathnach Ktirio
Creathnach Ktirio base was built shortly after the alliance formed between the C Quadrant Defenders and the T'ndari Imperial Fleet. The two factions had a mutual interest in creating an outpost in the region around Salachar, and chose that planet as a reasonable place to put down roots. There was a pressing need for a joint-observation and defence outpost for ensuring the security of that region of space. Due to the immediacy of the situation, a very simple inexpensive base was constructed in an existing abandoned mining pit. The top was heavily camouflaged to prevent the Jackals or Axon Empire from noticing the relatively small installation. Both the CQD and TIF brought in some of the most advanced equipment available on short notice to outfit the base.

The base itself consists of 5 levels, and is manned by a minimum of 10 people, as well an assortment of utility robots like the Type A and Type C. The four lower levels contain power systems, and storage for cargo, supplies, and weaponry, while the top level is where the control center and bunks are located. For defence two large turrets are concealed within the surface facade. Both can be raised when necssary to defend the installation from air attack. These defences include a T'ndari railgun and a CQD gauss cannon. The TIF railgun launches projectiles, while the CQD gauss cannon does not.

What is seen here is just a small portion of Creathnach Ktirio. Other portions contain a hanger bay for a single X-03 Komodo Dragon, Wolverine, or several X-06 Griffins. There are also experimental weapons systems, as well as barracks and robot repair facilities. The section presented here is the main control center, cargo control area, and power station division. Base stockpiles include a variety of weapons, spare parts, and other leftovers from when the base was constructed.

   Creathnach Ktirio Base.

   Perspective from the side with the surface door.

   View of all of the floors.

   Other side.

   View into the rock face.
[Meta commentary: you aren't supposed to see this]

   Bottom floor: environmental controls and cargo storage.

   Captain Haley opening a valve to drain a section of the coolant system, part of environmental control.

   Items stored down here are a mixed bag, everything from a Wolverine engine, to the class of radar seen on Taurus class freighters. It's not uncommon to see staff cooking food using parts of the heating system.

   A crate of air-drop mines and a Nikronian steam tank.

   A type A robot assists Captain Haley. In the back, we see an emergency power generator.

   In the crate is a T'ndari anti-personnel high-speed gatling gun. A sidearm and a sniper rifle sit in the barrel.

   The bottom floor, isolated.

   The catwalk above.

   A soldier patrols the catwalk floor.

   This floor's telephone and entertainment: a record player.

   A pair of rifles at the ready.

   The middle floor: cargo control.

   The cargo control area is mostly open air.

   A crate of guns, and a barrel.

   Power cables and heating hoses.

   A soldier at the cargo control station, with a type C robot. The crane is controlled from here.

   The cargo crane.

   Above that is the power control station on a catwalk. This technician is checking the output levels of the regulator behind him.

   A technician and his status monitors.

   A random doorway on a hillside is probably a bit suspicious.

   Especially when it opens up onto a secret base.

   Inside, we see weapon systems operators, two T'ndari marines, Admiral Adam (leader of the TIF), and the T'ndari Head of Security.

   Commander Kell dropped by to check on CK base.

   Two turret operators watching their stations.

   The control stations without the crew.

   T'ndari marines.

   Turret control stations. The left one is of T'ndari design, the right one of CQD design.

   The main control consoles. Center console for communications, and to the right is the large status board for the base.

   Four bunks in the back, with a stereo for each one.

   The bottom bunks have small screens to watch movies.

   The ground/roof of the facility.

   Turrets appear!

   And hone in on their targets.

   First, a T'ndari Railgun: very robust, dangerous, and according to the operators, fun.

   Second, C-Quadrant Defenders Gauss Cannon: firing a magnetic field.

   Above ground...

   And a moment later, camouflaged.

   The railgun above ground.

   Rotating back into position.

   And camouflaged.

   The railgun bay.

   The scissor lift for the gauss cannon.


   1st row: T'ndari Admiral Adam, T'ndari Head of Security, TIF X-03 Pilot, T'ndari Marine, T'ndari Marine.
2nd row: CQD Commander Kell, CQD Technician, CQD Technician
3rd row: CQD Soldier, CQD Soldier, CQD Soldier.
4th row: CQD Captain Haley, Type C robot "Scruffy", CQD Operator, CQD Operator, Type A robot, CQD Operator.

   Turret details.

   A Wolverine engine, a drum of oil, and a radar array. Oh and that oil? Fuh-lammable.

   The gutted Wolverine engine.

   Various consoles from the station: railgun controls, gauss Cannon controls, heat controls, and Nikronian steam tank.

   Crate of airdrop mines, crate of CQD standard rifles, and T'ndari anti-personal high-speed gatling gun.

   Cargo and the cargo crane.

 Meta Description
This was a joint project between myself and a friend back in July of 2008, and both of us posted it to our respective MOCpages on the same day. We worked together using mostly my parts to build something that hybridized the best aspects of our abilities. The name of the creation is a mix of Irish and Greek, translating to something like "shaking building" if memory serves.

The design is very much intended to look slapdash, imperfect, and hopefully realistic. We really liked how it turned out, as there was no particular plan in place -- what you see here was organically constructed. You can see the obvious Battlestar Galactica influences on the TIF stuff. In many ways, my friend is the superior builder of the two of us. His mastery of microscale model design, and detail construction was superb, and I learned a few things from him in the process.

To my friend, if for some reason you find this page, know that the creation was disassembled in early 2023 after spending 9 years in storage. It will live on here for the forseeable future.
General Characteristics
NameCreathnach Ktirio
TypeUnderground Base
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
T'ndari Imperial Fleet
Armament1 x T'ndari railgun
2 x Gauss cannon
Crew Compliment10+

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