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Ground Squirrel APC

 About the Ground Squirrel
The Ground Squirrel APC is a support vehicle for Y and Z series combat robots used by the C Quadrant Defenders. While it is referred to as an APC, it's main job is to recharge, rearm, and repair these robots in the field rather than carry troops. The Ground Squirrel carries a complement of three: a driver, support gunner, and repair technician. It is armed rather minimally with only eight rockets mounted on the roof, but seeing as it's a support unit, it is not expected to enter combat alone. The crew provide a safe haven for robots on the battlefield when larger air units or ground stations are unavailable.

   The Ground Squirrel APC.

   An unremarkable looking utility vehicle.

   One of the few full-size tracked vehicles used by the CQD

   A rolling block of armor.

   The rear hatch protecting the cabin.

   The offensive armamanet on the roof consists of 8 rockets.

   The crew of three with their Ground Squirrel: driver, support gunner, and repair technician.

   From above, we can see the internal hold with space for a Z or Y series combat robot to park for field maintenance.

   The crew sitting inside, waiting to be deployed.

   Minus the crew, the sparse cabin can be seen. Rifle storage for the support gunner is up above.

   A charging cable for the robots.

   The driving controls are easy to master.

   Targetting controls for the roof-mounted rockets are located here as well.

   In the event of a robot requiring field maintenance, it first comes in for a landing near the Ground Squirrel.

   The crew egress and provide covering fire if necessary.

   The roof doors open up to accomodate the height of the robot, while a technician stows the robot's weapon.

   Once the robot is in position within the repair bay, maintenance can begin.

   The crew were very glad to show off their Ground Squirrel APC for us today.

 Meta Description
This is another rebuilt husk of what was once a generic light tank. I wanted to add to the ecosystem of field support for robots, but ultimately made something that wasn't much fun to play with, and looked awkward. I blame the tiny treads and bulky hull shape -- a result of trying to fit everything inside. For a repair unit, it doesn't carry any tools... I don't think I thought this one through too well. It was posted to MOCpages in March of 2007, and people thought it looked boring.
General Characteristics
NameGround Squirrel
TypeArmored Personal Carrier
AffliationC Quadrant Defenders, Earth
Armament8 x Rocket
Propulsion2 x Tracks
Crew Compliment3

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