This page is a tribute to the dwarf hamsters I've cared for over the years:

This is Atari, my first Campbells dwarf hamster, from mid-2005. He was named for the Atari VCS 2600 game system.
He was relaxed, and friendly. He seemed to be much more comfortable with playtime than other hamsters.

This is Alice, my second Campbells dwarf hamster from late 2006. She was named for the Matra Hachette Alice 90 home computer.
She was very energetic and curious. She loved to explore, and rarely stayed put.

This is Lynx, one of two Roborovski dwarf hamsters I adopted along side his sister, Zenith. He was named for the Atari Lynx handheld.
He loved his wheel more than any hamster I've known, and would stop short and get flung across the cage. When Lynx wasn't sleeping in his wheel, he liked to burrow under his water bottle so he could poke his head up to drink.

This is Zenith, the second robo I adopted in 2014 with her brother, Lynx. She was named for the Zenith Z89 computer.
She was a masterful burrower, always finding new ways to evade detection under the bedding. When she stopped being afraid of me, she clearly paid attention to me outside of her cage.

I miss them all very much.

This page was last updated on 4-12-2021