Project List:

I started this list a few years ago as a motivational tool. I figure if you can see what I'm working on, I'll actually make progress. It also helps me look back on completed projects.

Some of these are half-baked ideas without any serious progress, but enough motivation to want to try. Others are projects I've started, and then left for dead. Many are just ideas without any physical manifestation (yet), and those are marked in gray. Items marked in gold are top priorities.


Arsonbot fireball cannon completion - final assembly & programming
Zumo robot completion & programming
Hero Jr. BASIC terminal program storage system
Hero Jr. sensor "hat"
Hero 1 rebuild
VCFed Hero 1 repair (some motors, a few sensors, I/O board, battery cage)

Old Computers:

IBM 5150 repair and case refinishing
IBM 5170 repair and case refinishing
Commodore 128D Model M custom keys
Commodore 64 homebrew light pen (electronics done, needs case)
Commodore 128T
Commodore 64Z customization (machine repaired, still needs hardware customization)
Commodore RTC board (VIC-20 maybe?)
Commodore dial-up server
VIC-1540 drive repair
TI Silent 700 bad print head diagnosis - Not looking good
Toshiba Satellite T1910CS Floppy Drive Replacement - Third Time's The Charm!
Toshiba Libretto 70CT Battery Replacement
Altair 680 Replica Kit Assembly
Reverse engineering Decitek interface - Made some progress with this one!
Reverse engineering core memory boards - And progress here too.
OSI Challenger 4P repair
Zenith ZVM-122 monitor repair

Less Old Computers

Set up Vexus (Setting up VMs)
Set up XJ-8 (Additional configuration)
Set up C*NET Asterisk server w/ dial-up computer access
Commodore PC40-III web server (Setup)
Replace Vega's 5 1/4" floppy drive


Mechanical PBX build
Fix Northern Telecom phone

DIY Electronics:

Homebrew 6502 computer "Cactus" build - Top Priority
Homebrew optical paper tape reader
Fix Neopixel wristwatch
Sharp low power display wristwatch
PiDP-8 case completion
New NES Zapper Mod
H-19 stand-alone power supply replacement
PS/2 micro trackball rebuild
Aether Rifle MK II prop for Teslapunk Voltigeur costume (nixie/dekatron?)
Reverse engineer tiny IBM monitor
IBM 49-key Soarer's mod reprogramming
Homewbrew .mp3 Player
Complete DEFCON 26 badge challenge - flipped the chip!

Completed Projects:

These are the things I've actually accomplished. It makes the previous list seem far less daunting.

Repaired Cactus Seed, minimal 6502 machine
Repaired Glitch Works 8085 SBC Kit
Aether Rifle MK I Baker dekatron upgrade
VIC-20 motherboard swap/refurbishment
Desktop tethering over SDI to TV
LightChii SSD + GPU upgrade
Vega power supply replacement
VIC-20 PET keyboard repair
Commodore PC40-III HDD Replacement using XT-IDE Rev 3
Repair Commodore rotary phone
Prepare and deliver VCF Midwest talk and not make a fool of myself
Connect the Cactus to the MOnSter 6502.
Prepare and deliver DEFCON HHV talk and survive to tell the tale
NT2017 Rotary Cellphone build & rebuild
Toshiba Satellite P25-S507 screen replacement
Breadboard Grant Searle's minimal chip-count 6502 computer
Overhaul home network
40th anniversary 6502 badge build
Tiny serial terminal kit build
Commodore 64 rebuild, PLA, & RAM repair
VIC-20 rebuild + C16 keyboard splice
IBM 5170 customization & configuration
Live unboxing of IBM 5170, and basic configuration
Configure new HDMI twitch signal path for VGA and composite
VIC-20 refurbishment
VIC-20 custom ROM
PET 2001-32N picture dropout & nonlinearity repair, datasette port repair, keyboard intermittent response cleaning
Toshiba 1910CS/200 new Windows install (with no floppy drive!)
Hero Jr. full upgrade
Hero Jr. post VCFEXI repair (RS232 issues, wheel encoder sensor issues)
H89 New FDD installation
Zumo robot sensor board
Custom desk build
Libretto Windows 95 install
Vega rebuild
Windows 2000 & XP reinstall on Pentium 4
BMO MK I & MK I Kai builds
Gameboy Advance SP screen replacement
H19/H89 custom EPROM
H19/H89 composite video combiner board
Cast aluminum Commodore belt buckle
Mini OSI-300 kit build
1802 ELF Membership Card build

This page was last updated on 4-1-2019