Here are a bunch of links I figure might be of interest.

6502 Projects of Note:
Christopher Bachman's Mini OSI-300 Replica
Grant Searle's Mininal 6502 Computer
Quinn Dunki's Veronica Homebrew 6502 Computer Portable 6502 Homebrew
The MOnSter 6502

Vintage Computer Federation, Festival East/West, & Forums
Vintage Computer Festival Midwest

Zimmer's CBM Archive
Wilson Mines Co.
OSI-300 Replica Test Programs
Michael Holley's SWTPC Documentation
Dave's OSI Repository

Friends, Associates, and People With Cool Kits:
Retro Dreams - New Home of the Retrotech Crew

The Glitch Works
Bill Degnan's
Obsolescence Garunteed
Lee Hart's 6502 Badge & 1802 Membership Card
Corsham Technlogies
The Kenbak-1 by John Blankenbaker
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Steve Toner's Projects / STUPID Computer
Erik Klein's
Soykaf with dune
David Gesswein's
The Obscuritory
Cenbe's Commodore 64 Pages
The Chartreuse Kitsune
Mike Loewen's Old Technology Collection
Tangent Ideas
compu85's Under Construction!

Fun stuff:
Homestar Runner
Evan Doorbell's Phone Trip Tapes
Diode Matrix ROM
Matthias Wandel's Electronics Projects
Cameron's World
AT&T Long Lines - Microwave & Coaxial Network of the Bell System
Magic-1 Homebrew CPU
Vintage Technology Association - Electronics Museum

Flash Games Worth Wasting Time On:
Vector TD
Dirk Valentine
Miniclip Tetris
Peasant's Quest
Really any of the games on Homestar Runner

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